What was new in 4.2?

Praat 4.2, 4 March 2004


• July 10, 2003: Open source code (General Public License).


• Faster computation of spectrum, spectrogram, and pitch.
• More precision in numeric libraries.
• PitchTier: Interpolate quadratically.
• TextGrids can be saved chronologically (and Praat can read that file again).
• Sound editor window Time step settings...: Automatic, Fixed, and View-dependent.
• Sound window: distinguish basic from advanced spectrogram and pitch settings.
• Read TableOfReal from headerless spreadsheet file...: cells with strings are considered zero.
• Sound window: introduced time step as advanced setting.
• Sound window: reintroduced view range as advanced setting.
• Ltas: Compute trend line, Subtract trend line.


• Sun workstations: support audio servers.


• Better selections in Picture window and editor windows.
• Picture window: better handling of rectangles and ellipses for reversed axes.
• Windows: corrected positioning of pictures on clipboard and in metafiles.
• Windows: EPS files check availability of Times and TimesNewRomanPSMT.
• Polygon: can now also paint in colour instead of only in grey values.
• Unlimited number of points for polygons in PostScript (may not work on very old printers).
• Picture window: line widths on all printers and clipboards are now equal to line widths used on PostScript printers: a line with a line width of “1” will be drawn with a width 3/8 points. This improves the looks of pictures printed on non-PostScript printers, improves the looks of pictures copied to your wordprocessor when printed, and changes the looks of pictures copied to your presentation program.

OT learning:

• Metrics grammar supports “impoverished overt forms”, i.e. without secondary stress even if surface structures do have secondary stress.
• Support for crucially tied constraints and tied candidates.
• Support for backtracking in EDCD.
• Queries for testing grammaticality.


• ManPages: script links can receive arguments.
• ManPages: variable duration of recording.
• Support for unlimited size of script files in editor window on Windows XP and MacOS X (the Unix editions already had this).
• Improved the reception of sendpraat commands on Windows XP.

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