What was new in 3.8?

Praat 3.8, 12 January 1999

Phonetics library

• New objects: LongSound (view and label long sound files), with editor; PairDistribution.
Overlap-add manipulation of voiceless intervals, version 2: quality much better now; target duration is exactly as expected from Duration tier or specified lengthening in Sound: Lengthen (overlap-add)....
• Audio: Escape key stops audio playing (on Mac also Command-period).
SoundRecorder: allows multiple recordings without close; Play button; Write buttons; buffer size can be set.
• Reverse a Sound or a selection of a Sound.
Sound: Get nearest zero crossing....
Formant: Scatter plot (reversed axes)...
TextGrid & Pitch: Speckle separately...
Extract Sound selection (preserve times) in TextGridEditor.
• More query commands for Matrix, TableOfReal, Spectrum, PointProcess.

Phonology library

• 25-page OT learning tutorial.
• Made the OT learner 14 times as fast.


• May 23: Windows beta version.
• April 24: Windows alpha version.


• Read more Kay, Sun (.au), and WAV sound files.
Read Strings from raw text file...
Create Strings as file list...
Read IntervalTier from Xwaves...
• hidden Read from old Windows Praat picture file...


• Use colours (instead of only greys) in Paint ellipse... etc.
• More true colours (maroon, lime, navy, teal, purple, olive).
• Direct printing from Macintosh to PostScript printers.
• Hyperpage printing to PostScript printers and PostScript files.
• Phonetic symbols: raising sign, lowering sign, script g, corner, ligature, pointing finger.


• November 4: all dialogs are modeless (which is new for Unix and Mac).
• September 27: sendpraat for Windows.


• January 7: scriptable editors.
• October 7: file I/O in scripts.
• August 23: script language includes all the important functions for string handling.
• June 24: string variables in scripts.
• June 22: faster look-up of script variables.
• June 22: unlimited number of script variables.
• April 5: suspended chopping of trailing spaces.
• March 29: enabled formulas as arguments to dialogs (also interactive).

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