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Latest changes in Praat.

6.4 (15 November 2023)

• New pitch analysis methods: Sound: To Pitch (filtered ac)... and Sound: To Pitch (filtered cc)....
Sound: To Pitch (filtered ac)... has become the preferred method for measuring vocal-fold vibration and intonation (Sound: To Pitch (raw cc)... is still the preferred method for voice analysis). See How to choose a pitch analysis method.

6.3.20 (24 October 2023)

• SpeechSynthesizer and automatic alignment in TextGridEditor: worked around a bug introduced in 6.3.18 that caused incorrect rendering of phonemes consisting of four UTF-8 bytes (such as /ɔː/).
• SpeechSynthesizer and automatic alignment in TextGridEditor: worked around a very old bug that deleted word-final /l/ in Dutch and English.

6.3.19 (20 October 2023)

• MacOS: resolved a crash when Praat started up on macOS 12 or older (worked around a bug in the Xcode linker that comes with macOS 14 Sonoma).

6.3.18 (8 October 2023)

SpeechSynthesizer: included the new version of eSpeak (development 1.52), which has 133 languages.
Add to menu...: you can now add separators, headers and indented submenus to menus in editor windows.
• Scripting: new functions index_caseInsensitive, rindex_caseInsensitive, startsWith_caseInsensitive, endsWith_caseInsensitive fileNames_caseInsensitive$#, folderNames_caseInsensitive$#.

6.3.17 (10 September 2023)

• SoundEditor: three Paste options, namely Paste before selection (Shift-Command-V), Paste over selection (Option-Command-V), and the already existing Paste after selection (still Command-V).
• All editor windows: extended the old single-level Undo and Redo to a ten-level Undo and Redo.
• Scripting: the new runSystem$ and runSubprocess$ return the output of the system command or subprocess.
• Scripting: runSystem, runSystem$, runSubprocess and runSubprocess$ report any error messages generated by the system command or subprocess.
• PointEditor (pulses): settable Period floor, Period ceiling, Maximum period factor and Maximum amplitude factor, for jitter and shimmer measurements.

6.3.16 (29 August 2023)

• Sound analysis areas: better visible contrast in intensity curve (green on lime).
• Windows: repaired a bug introduced in 6.3.10 (as a result of the repair mentioned there) by which the Demo window would be insensitive to arrow keys.
• SpeechSynthesizer: repaired a bug that caused Get phonemes from text... to return empty text.
• Repaired a bug that caused Praat to crash when you supplied 0 for the channel number in Sound: Get nearest zero crossing....

6.3.15 (23 August 2023)

• SpeechSynthesizer: improvements in Get phonemes from text...
• Scripting: part#, part##, selected$#.

6.3.14 (4 August 2023)

• Repaired a bug that occurred when saving a FormantPath to disk.

6.3.13 (31 July 2023)

• Repaired a bug introduced in 6.3.12 by which a link to a file wasn’t found in external manual pages.

6.3.12 (24 July 2023)

• Improvements in manual, including corrections on layout problems introduced in version 6.3.11.

6.3.11 (17 July 2023)

• VowelEditor: repaired a bug by which the VowelEditor wouldn’t start up if an incorrect marks file had previously been specified.
• Mac: use a Cherokee font that distinguishes "ka" and "wo" well.
• OTMulti: vertical constraint names support newlines and disharmonies.
• Text windows are one tab plus 84.5 characters wide.
• Table: Get all values in column....
• Undocumented alpha support for Praat notebooks.
• Formulas: correlation (vec1#, vec2#), vertical$ (for formatting string arrays).
• Scripting: readFile#, readFile##.

6.3.10 (3 May 2023)

• Windows: repaired a bug by which key strokes would no longer go to the Demo window after a pause window with no text fields was closed.
• Repaired a bug in the VowelEditor by which it would crash when starting up if fewer than 4 numbers had been set in the “Extra formant–bandwidth pairs” field.
• FormantPathEditor improvements.
• Undocumented alpha support for Praat notebooks.
• Scripting: vector literals can be indexed.
• Better interactions between editor scripts and pause windows.

6.3.09 (2 March 2023)

• SpeechSynthesizer can do eSpeak’s grapheme-to-phoneme conversion in 130 languages.
• FormantPath can now have time stretches that are not aligned to frame boundaries.
• Stabler handling of edge cases in editor scripting.
• Corrected an at least 23-year-old bug by which menu titles could not be greyed out on Windows.

6.3.08 (10 February 2023)

• Corrected a bug introduced in 6.3.04 by which word and sentence would not work in new-style script forms.

6.3.07 (6 February 2023)

• Corrected an old bug that caused Matrix: Draw as squares to crash on a 1×1 matrix.
• NoulliGrid window: “NoulliGrid” menu.
• Scripting: faster vectors in arguments to runScript().

6.3.06 (31 January 2023)

• Corrected a bug introduced in 6.3.04 by which optionmenu would not work in new-style script forms.
• Scripting: min(), max(), imin() and imax() for vectors.

6.3.05 (27 January 2023)

• Corrected a bug introduced in 6.3.04 by which some old-style forms could not be read.
• Repaired an old bug by which chooseReadString$() could crash on Linux.

6.3.04 (24 January 2023)

• Playing multiple sounds with Play now concatenates them without breaks, and is interruptable by the Escape key.
• Renamed the remaining occurrences of Preferences to Settings (old scripts will continue to work).
Create Polygon from values...
Sound: To Sound (derivative)...
• Scripting: forms now look more like other commands.
• Scripting: forms can contain infile, outfile, folder, realvector, positivevector, integervector and naturalvector fields.
• Scripting: in forms and pause forms, you can now set the number of lines in text, infile, outfile, folder, and vector fields.

6.3.03 (17 December 2022)

• Sound files: read Kay® Nasometer™ files (as separate channels).
• Script window: indent and exdent.
• Scripting: conserve editor environment in runScript.

6.3.02 (29 November 2022)

• Linux: corrected a bug introduced in 6.2.20 by which typing Tab would not start a Sound.
• Sound window: corrected a bug introduced in 6.2.19 by which drawing selection hairs could not be switched off (or on) when painting a spectrogram to the Picture window.

6.3.01 (21 November 2022)

• Fixed a crash introduced in 6.3 when closing an editor window by choosing Close (or by typing Command-W).

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