TableOfReal: To TableOfReal (means by row labels)...

A command that appears in the Multivariate statistics menu if you select a TableOfReal. It calculates the multivariate means for the different row labels from the selected TableOfReal.


when off, then for a table with n rows and m different labels (mn), the resulting table will have m rows. When on, the dimensions of the resulting table will be the same as the originating, and corresponding means substituded in each row.


The following commands

    @@Create TableOfReal (Pols 1973)...|Create TableOfReal (Pols 1973)@: "no"
    To TableOfReal (means by row labels): 0

will result in a new TableOfReal that has 12 rows. Each row will contain the mean F1, F2 and F3 values for a particular vowel. These means were obtained from 50 representations of that vowel.

If we had chosen the expansion:

    To TableOfReal (means by row labels): "yes"

the resulting TableOfReal would have had 600 rows. This representation comes in handy when, for example, you have to calculate deviations from the mean.

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