Sound files 2.2. AIFF files

AIFF stands for: Audio Interchange File Format.

This standard format for sound files was defined by Apple. It is also the format of the sound files on the Iris Indigo, where each sample is quantized into 16 bits.


To open an AIFF file from disk, choose Read from file... from the Open menu. Praat recognizes AIFF and AIFC files with plain 8-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit or 32-bit encoding, but not compressed AIFC files. Praat recognizes any sampling frequency, and any number of channels.

The resulting Sound will appear in the List of Objects. Its name will be identical to the file name, without extension.


To export a Sound object to a 16-bit AIFF file, select the Sound and choose Save as AIFF file... from the Save menu.

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