Phonetic symbols: vowels

To draw phonetic symbols for vowels in the Picture window or in the TextGridEditor, make sure that you have installed the Charis SIL and/or Doulos SIL font, for instance from or from You can either type the symbols directly (if your computer has an input method for them), or use the backslash sequences in the following table.

Other vowel symbols are:

ɚ \sr (schwa with right hook): rhotacized schwa

Not available in EPS files (i.e. only publishable with copy-paste or with PDF files):

ɿ \id syllabic dental approximant
ʅ \ir syllabic retroflex (or apico-postalveolar) approximant

How to remember the codes

For most of the codes, the first letter tells you the most similar letter of the English alphabet. The second letter can be t (turned), c (capital), s (script), r (reversed), - (barred or retracted), or / (slashed). One symbol (ɛ) is a phonetic version of a Greek letter. The codes for ə, ɤ, ʊ and ɞ are abbreviations for schwa, ram's horn, horseshoe, and kidney bean.

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