Eigen: Draw eigenvector...

A command to draw an eigenvector from the selected Eigen.


Eigenvector number
determines the eigenvector to be drawn.
Component loadings
when on, the eigenvector is multiplied with the square root of the corresponding eigenvalue. (For PCA-analysis this means that you will draw the so called component loading vector. You will be able to compare quantitatively the elements in different component loading vectors because the i-th element in the j-th component loading vector gives the covariance between the i-th original variable and the j-th principal component.)
Element range
determine the first and last element of the vector that should be drawn.
Minimum and Maximum
determine the lower and upper bounds of the plot (choosing Maximum smaller than Minimum will draw the inverted eigenvector).
Mark size, Mark string
determine size and type of the marks that will be drawn.
determines whether a bounding box and margins will be drawn.

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