One of the commands in the Margins and World menus of the Picture window.


To view and change the current world coordinates of the horizontal and vertical axes.


The axes are normally changed by every drawing operation in the dynamic menu, i.e., by object-specific drawing commands with titles like Draw... and Paint... (the drawing commands in the Picture window, like Paint rectangle..., do not change the axes).

You would use the Axes... command if your data are not in an object.


The following script would draw a person's vowel triangle:

    # Put F1 (between 300 and 800 Hz) along the horizontal axis,
    # and F2 (between 600 and 3600 Hz) along the vertical axis.
    Axes: 300, 800, 600, 3600
    # Draw a rectangle inside the current viewport (selected area),
    # with text in the margins, and tick marks in steps of 100 Hz along the F1 axis,
    # and in steps of 200 Hz along the F2 axis.
    Draw inner box
    Text top: "no", "Daniël's Dutch vowel triangle"
    Text bottom: "yes", "%F_1 (Hz)"
    Text left: "yes", "%F_2 (Hz)"
    Marks bottom every: 1, 100, "yes", "yes", "yes", ""
    Marks left every: 1, 200, "yes", "yes", "yes", ""
    # Draw large phonetic symbols at the vowel points.
    Text special: 340, "Centre", 688, "Half", "Times", 24, "0", "u"
    Text special: 481, "Centre", 1195, "Half", "Times", 24, "0", "ø"
    # Etcetera

This example would draw the texts "Daniël's Dutch vowel triangle", "F1 (Hz)", and "F2 (Hz)" in the margins, and the texts "u" and "ø" at the appropriate positions inside the drawing area.

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