Advanced pitch settings...

A command in the Pitch menu of the SoundEditor or TextGridEditor windows. Before changing the advanced pitch settings, make sure you understand Intro 4.2. Configuring the pitch contour.

View range different from analysis range

Normally, the range of pitch values that can be seen in the editor window is equal to the range of pitch values that the analysis algorithm can determine. If you set the analysis range from 75 to 500 Hz, this will be the range you see in the editor window as well. If the pitch values in the curve happen to be between 350 and 400 Hz, you may want to zoom in to the 350-400 Hz pitch region. You will usually do this by changing the pitch range in the Pitch settings... window. However, the analysis range will also change in that case, so that the curve itself may change. If you do not want that, you can change the View range settings from "0.0 (= auto)" - "0.0 (= auto)" to something else, perhaps "350" - "400".

Pitch analysis settings

For information about these, see Sound: To Pitch (ac).... The standard settings are best in most cases. For some pathological voices, you will want to set the voicing threshold to much less than the standard of 0.45, in order to get pitch values even in irregular parts of the signal.

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