Phoneticians and phonologists at the University of Amsterdam
2ACLC research group "Oncology-related communication disorders" (from 2006)
20NWO Promoties in de Geesteswetenschappen project "Primitives of phonological representations" (2012-2018)
28ACLC research group "DeepFon" (from 2021)
29project "The role of quantity and quality in the acquisition of a second language voicing contrast: a case study of Palestinian Arabic pupils learning English"
30ACLC research group "Empirical Foundations of Phonology" (from 2022)
31joint ACLC–Fryske Akademy project "Variation and change in the two languages of bilinguals: the case of Frisian and Dutch" (2022–2026), also with Hans van de Velde
32CSC project "Covert cues and covert errors in children’s production of English weak syllables and articles" (2022–2025)
33ACLC project "Emergence of a plosive-related tone contrast in two Korean dialects" (2022–2026)

Some former members:

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by Paul Boersma, 28 October 2022