Chapter 9: Perceptual contrast and faithfulness

This chapter formalizes the functional principle of minimization of perceptual confusion into faithfulness constraints and their universal local rankings.


9.1   How to implement minimization of confusion
   9.1.1   Global optimization
   9.1.2   The local-ranking principle
   9.1.3   Local implementation: faithfulness
   9.1.4   Faithfulness in phonetic implementation
9.2   Faithfulness in phonology
9.3   The emergence of equally spaced categories
9.4   Extreme feature values
9.5   Category strength: ranking *REPLACE by markedness
9.6   Information
9.7   Binary features
9.8   Correspondence strategy for binary features
9.9   Privative features
9.10   Ranking by specificity
9.11   Simultaneity constraints
9.12   Precedence constraints
9.13   Alignment constraints
9.14   Global or local ranking of faithfulness constraints?
9.15   Conclusion
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