Chapter 10: Acoustical faithfulness

This chapter shows how articulatory and perceptual constraints interact, centring on phonetic implementation. All the phenomena that occur with vowel reduction can be handled within our framework of strictly ranked functional constraints.


10.1   Interaction between articulation and perception
   10.1.1   Inherent conflicts
   10.1.2   No interaction constraints
10.2   Constraints for vowel height
   10.2.1   Specification: perceptual constraints
   10.2.2   Articulatory constraints
10.3   Articulation-to-perception transformation
10.4   Interaction of articulatory and perceptual constraints
10.5   Shifting the working point
   10.5.1   Dependence on stress
   10.5.2   Dependence on surrounding consonants
   10.5.3   Dependence on duration
   10.5.4   Dependence on inventory size
   10.5.5   Comparison to other models
   10.5.6   Lexical vowel reduction
10.6   Typologies of vowel systems
10.7   Conclusion
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