Paul Boersma’s writings on nasal harmony

In chapter 19 of Functional Phonology (1998) I proposed a theory that explained the implicational hierarchy of Type A nasal harmony (Piggott 1992) by a universal ranking of faithfulness constraints, i.e. without using markedness constraints. This chapter was posted as ROA 280 on 1998/08/29.

An extended version discussed the virtues of this theory as compared to that of Walker (1998), which relied on a universal ranking of markedness constraints:

2003 Nasal harmony in functional phonology.
In Jeroen van de Weijer, Vincent J. van Heuven & Harry van der Hulst (eds.): The phonological spectrum, Vol. 1: Segmental structure, 3–35. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. [Abstract]
Earlier version: Rutgers Optimality Archive 393, 2000/04/28, 28 pages.
Earlier version: original submission, 1999/01/31, 24 pages.
Earlier version: HILP 4 handout, 1999/01/30, 16 pages.

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