Recording tasks

TEVA can be used to record a list of tasks initiated by pompts. Such prompts can be simple, like [a as in hat], as well as page sequences with formatted text. A recording task is defined by setting the Task field in the Recording window of the Configuration page. The recording sessions is started by clicking the Record button on the Main page.

Recording task window

When clicking Recording on the Configuration page a small window appears. This window asks for three pieces of information:


The number of seconds recorded. This is a default time that can be changed in a table with recording prompts. Defaults to 4 seconds.


The prompt text in Praat Text styles format. Alternatively, a text or table file with prompts can be selected by pressing the Task button. Each line in a (ASCII|DOS) text file will be displayed as a single prompt screen. Each line will give rise to a numbered recording. If the Task file is a (tsv, or tab-separated values) table, the size and formating of the prompts can be controlled.


The directory where the recordings are stored. Each recording is stored in a sub-directory with the ID or name of the Speaker. File names are constructed from the ID or name of the Speaker, the number of name of the prompt screen, and a time stamp.

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