Sound: Scale intensity...

A command available in the Modify menu when you select one or more Sound objects. With this command you multiply the amplitude of each Sound in such a way that its average (i.e. root-mean-square) intensity becomes the new average intensity that you specify (see Settings).


New average intensity (dB SPL)
the new average intensity of the Sound. The standard value is 70 dB SPL. This means that the root-mean-square amplitude of the sound will come to lie 70 dB above the assumed auditory threshold of 0.00002 Pa. Please check whether as a result a peak in the sound does not get below -1 Pa or above +1 Pa. If that happens, the sound will be clipped when played, which will be audible as distortion; in thast case you may want to set this number to 60 dB or even lower.

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