Script for listing time\--F0 pairs

“I wish to have a list of time markers in one column and F0 in the other. Those times that have no voiced data should be represented as “.” in the F0 column.”

writeInfoLine: "Time: Pitch:"
numberOfFrames = Get number of frames
for iframe to numberOfFrames
    time = Get time from frame: iframe
    pitch = Get value in frame: iframe, "Hertz"
    if pitch = undefined
       appendInfoLine: fixed$ (time, 6)
       appendInfoLine: fixed$ (time, 6), " ", fixed$ (pitch, 3)

If you want to see this in a text file, you can copy and paste from the Info window, or save the Info window, or add a line to the script like

appendFile: "out.txt", info$( )

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