Script for listing time\--F0\--intensity

"I want a list of pitch and intensity values at the same times."

Since Sound: To Pitch... and Sound: To Intensity... do not give values at the same times, you create separate pitch and intensity contours with high time resolution, then interpolate. In the following example, you get pitch and intensity values at steps of 0.01 seconds by interpolating curves that have a time resolution of 0.001 seconds.

sound = selected ("Sound")
tmin = Get start time
tmax = Get end time
To Pitch: 0.001, 75, 300
Rename: "pitch"
selectObject: sound
To Intensity: 75, 0.001
Rename: "intensity"
writeInfoLine: "Here are the results:"
for i to (tmax-tmin)/0.01
    time = tmin + i * 0.01
    selectObject: "Pitch pitch"
    pitch = Get value at time: time, "Hertz", "Linear"
    selectObject: "Intensity intensity"
    intensity = Get value at time: time, "Cubic"
    appendInfoLine: fixed$ (time, 2), " ", fixed$ (pitch, 3), " ", fixed$ (intensity, 3)

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