LPC: To Spectrogram...

You can choose this command after selecting 1 or more LPC objects.


Minimum frequency resolution (Hz)
successive frequencies in the Spectrum will be maximally this distance apart
Bandwidth reduction (Hz)
formants with small bandwidths show up very well as darker regions in the spectrogram because the poles lie close to the contour along which a spectrum is computed (the unit circle in the z-plane). Peak enhancement can be realized by computing a spectrum in the z-plane along a contour of radius r = exp (– π · bandwidthReduction / samplingFrequency).
De-emphasis frequency (Hz)
Performs de-emphasis when value is in the interval (0, Nyquist frequency)


For each LPC_Frame the corresponding Spectrum will be calculated according to the algorithm explained in LPC: To Spectrum (slice).... For each frequency the power, i.e., the square of the complex values, will be stored in the corresponding area in the Spectrogram.

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